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How to find safe places to cycle

Some of the best maps, apps, and sources of local knowledge

Cycling during COVID-19

We live in challenging times, but cycling is fun, healthy, and a great way to get around

Moneysaving cycling tips

Moneysaving tips to help you ride a bike for less

Buy a mountain bike

If you live somewhere where the routes you will be using aren’t in brilliant condition, then a mountain bike might be your best bet

Buy a folding bike

Bikes that fold up to store easily, to go on the train, or fit in the boot of your car

Buy an everyday bike

How to buy a bike to get you around town in your usual clothing carrying the things you need

A guide to buying a secondhand bike

Options for finding a brilliant used bike

How to buy a bike

A guide to getting going. Types of bikes, where to buy, how much to spend

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How to save money cycling