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Dave Walker is a cartoonist and author of The Cycling Cartoonist, published by Bloomsbury. He is a former newspaper website editor, and lifelong cyclist.


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How to find safe places to cycle

Some of the best maps, apps, and sources of local knowledge

Why we’ve removed Decathlon bikes from the Budget Cycling website

Decathlon sell items used for the killing of songbirds. Until this changes we won’t be promoting any of their bikes

Cycling during COVID-19

We live in challenging times, but cycling is fun, healthy, and a great way to get around

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Moneysaving tips to help you ride a bike for less

Buy a mountain bike

If you live somewhere where the routes you will be using aren’t in brilliant condition, then a mountain bike might be your best bet

Buy a folding bike

Bikes that fold up to store easily, to go on the train, or fit in the boot of your car

Buy an everyday bike

How to buy a bike to get you around town in your usual clothing carrying the things you need

A guide to buying a secondhand bike

Options for finding a brilliant used bike

How to buy a bike

A guide to getting going. Types of bikes, where to buy, how much to spend

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How to save money cycling